Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012
Weather :- Cloudy blue sky, light breeze and mild.
Stayed in the woods today, mainly following the sculpture trail, but did check out the reservior.
Reservior showed 28 coots, 63 black-headed gulls and 2 lesser black-backed gulls.
Woods:- The usually suspects around. Blue/great/long and coal tits, both nuthatches showing well, woodpigeons, magpies, crows, jay, blackbirds, robins being cheeky as usually and chaffimch heard.
The big surprise was when I was looking for a bullfinch I could hear, briefly saw as a male, but also found this lost fellow.
Yellow crowned amazon parrot - well think it is anyway. Anyone lost one??
Found 2 more of the new sculptures.
And not forgetting this greater spotted woodpecker.
Most of the berries and fruits have now been stripped, but the ivy berries are growing well.


  1. hi, went out today, this being new years day and went to the reservoir and to my surprise i came what i think is a Cormarant, could you help me identify please you seem to know your birds better than i do


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  3. Hi Andrea

    I paid a quick visit new years day. It was indeed a cormorant. One usually pays a quick visit every winter.