Friday, 18 April 2014

Monday 14th April 2014

Weather :- Sunny, warm with a light breeze.

Woods :- Usually bunch around. Great tit posing by the old lodge, Chiffchaffs heard around tabletop and Doulton's Clay Pit.

Raza :- Again the usually lot - mallards, coots, great crested grebe and Canada goose.

Canal :- More mallards and moorhens.

Netherton hill :- Buzzard low over the hill, then chased off by sparrowhawk, then a crow and finally the local female kestrel. Male wheatear showing well.

Insects :- include peacock butterfly, orange tip butterfly and small white butterfly. 

Flowers :- include first of the bluebells, common toadflax, dandelions and yellow archangel.