Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012
Weather :- Cloudy blue sky, light breeze and mild.
Stayed in the woods today, mainly following the sculpture trail, but did check out the reservior.
Reservior showed 28 coots, 63 black-headed gulls and 2 lesser black-backed gulls.
Woods:- The usually suspects around. Blue/great/long and coal tits, both nuthatches showing well, woodpigeons, magpies, crows, jay, blackbirds, robins being cheeky as usually and chaffimch heard.
The big surprise was when I was looking for a bullfinch I could hear, briefly saw as a male, but also found this lost fellow.
Yellow crowned amazon parrot - well think it is anyway. Anyone lost one??
Found 2 more of the new sculptures.
And not forgetting this greater spotted woodpecker.
Most of the berries and fruits have now been stripped, but the ivy berries are growing well.