Sunday, 23 April 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Day off and time to make the most of the lovely,sunny, spring weather.

Woods:- usually bunch around including male great spotted woodpecker, wren, chiffchaff on tabletop, goldcrest collecting caterpillars and 3 buzzards soaring.

Raza:- mallards, coots - one pair nesting, 2 great crested grebes and usually gulls.

Canal:- include coots 2 pairs nesting, greenfinch, mallards and one with 9 ducklings, whitethroat heard, male and female blackcaps showing well, song thrush, another chiffchaff.

Netherton Hill:- include buzzard and 2 swallows, linnet, pair of whitethroats showing well, grey heron, female kestrel.

Insects:- include several orange tip butterflies, speckled wood butterfly and painted lady butterfly, carder/buff tailed and red-tailed bumblebes, holly blue butterfly, small tortoiseshell butterflies and an unidentified red damselfly at the settling pools.

Flowers:- include buttercups, germander speedwell, pond water crowfoot, cowslip, red champion, herb robert, white nettle and of course lots and lots of bluebells.

Coot doing his/her daily aerobics

Sunlight bracken

ok, not wild but the goats were around

Netherton church and gorse in full flower


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Weather :- Sunny with cloudy spells, with a cold nip in the air.

Woods :- Goldcrest showing really well, 2 nuthatches at their usual spot, not far from mousesweet brook. Greater spotted woodpecker heard drumming and a mistle thrush spotted along with 2 jays.

Canal :- Usual bunch - coots, moorhens, mallard and 3 domestic ducks. Also 5 house sparrows, goldfinches, greenfinch heard and male chaffinch singing. 5 more goldcrest showing quite well.

Raza :- 2 cormorants, 36 coots, low numbers of mallards at only 4, 56 black headed gulls - all moulting into breeding plumage, 4 herring gulls and 5 lesser black backed gulls.

Netheton Hill :- 6 buzzards up over the hill. Female kestrel seen flying and relocated perched in tree, with a male kestrel perched in another tree. Male then started hunting - caught 1 item, before both flying off together. Hope they return. 

Flowers :- Snowdrops, gorse flowering, alder catkins and goat willow catkins budding. Also bracken starting to grow and Herb Robert leaves out.

Alder catkins

Female kestrel

Ivy Tree

Alder pine cones


Goat willow catkins