Saturday, 24 March 2012

24th March 2012

Weather :- warm and sunny with little wind.

Very quiet on the reservoir. One lonely great black-backed gull, great crested grebes still here and now have a pair of tufted ducks. Otherwise plenty of mallards and coots, one canada goose and one mute swan.

Canal showed a nesting pair of moorhens and more mallards, but did hear the first 2 chiffchaffs calling well, with a good view of one.

Netherton hill showed greenfinches, one goldfinch flying over, plenty of woodpigeons and 6 great black-backed gulls flying over. Third chiffchaff seen.

Made it part way to Daphnes pool, which is deeply buried in trees and I rarely manage to find. Another chiffchaff and a pheasent calling.

Back in the woods, good views of male and female bullfinches, 6 buzzards, sparrowhawk, fifth chiffchaff calling, along with all the usual suspects. Both nuthatches showing well and nest found. A pair of long-tailed tits nesting as well. Male chaffinches also showing well.

Otherwise grey squirrels, buff and white tailed bumblebees, first red-tailed bumblebee, lots 7-spot ladybirds around and first peacock, comma and small tortoise butterflys seen.
Blackthorn flowering and goat willow catkins.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

10th March 2012

Weather :- started off dull and overcast but sun did eventually pop back out and quite warm, once the wind had settled.

Again I managed to cover the woods and make it up to Netherton Hill. Some controlled burning of the gorse, seems to have removed the pheasant's. 13 goldfinch flew over, 18 crows present on the hill. Generally alot more activity, lot more territory singing including a dunnock putting on a good show.

Back at the reservoir, 31 black-headed gulls, 7 in breeding plumage and a pair of great-crested grebes back.

While in the woods, lots of singing, chiffchaff heard, all great tits spotted were in pairs, both nuthatches seen - one with nesting material, but not found where the nest is yet. Treecreeper put in a brief appearance and great-spotted woodpecker drumming. Slow start to the raptors, but sparrowhawk finally appeared over Doultan Clay pit and 3 buzzards displaying over the pony field by car park.

Otherwise, 3 buff-tailed bumblebees spotted, 1st wasp of the year and primroses started to flower.

And I wasn't the only one birding today.