Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday 16th June 2014

Weather:- Stared off with blue sky and sunny, but soon went cloudy.

Woods:- All the usual, (if quieter now ), blackcaps, bullfinches, chifchaff, green woodpecker. Great tit nest found and adults feeding. 2 buzzards flying low over, scaring off the woodpigeons. 

Canal:- Same as normal, female blackcap, grey heron and chiffchaffs. Mallard female with 6 duckliongs.

Raza:- very quiet, 14 lesser black-backed gulls, great-crested grebe and 6 coots.

Netherton hill:- chiffchaffs, buzzard, greenfich, amongst the usual. 1 wren seen taking food into scrub.

Lots of flowers including - yellow flags, wood-forget-me-not, waterlily, spear thistle, poppies, celerey head buttercups, herb robert, dog rose, hedge woundwort and foxgloves.

Also lots of insect including - ringlet, speckled wood and large skipper butterflies, red and buff tailed bees and tree bees. Lots of common blue damselflies around.

Mammels - few grey squirrels, 2 goats on canal bank and a fox.

Not sure who was more surprised, him or me.

I've waited ages to get good heron photos before, now have loads.