Wednesday, 19 March 2014

3rd March 2014

Finally a day off that the weather will allow for decent bird spotting.

Weather:- sunny, warm with a light breeze, turning dull.

Woods :- Usually suspects around, most happily singing away. Greater spotted woodpecker drumming.

Canal :- Again the usual suspects, but 7 moorhen, Canada goose, happily following me along the towpath and every little bird singing there little hearts out. So nice to hear.

Netherton Hill :- Female kestrel hovering over the hill, till she disappeared towards Dudley. Buzzard showing off nicely.

Raza :- 18 coots,3 great crested grebes, (hope they breed again this year) and a mute swan, amongst all the gulls.

Primrose's, snowdrops flowering and Hawthorne started to bud. Spring is finally arriving.

 And a little something to keep you amused.