Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thursday 23rd January 2013
 Before I go any further, today proved that you never know just what is going to turn up. While looking over Doulton's Claypit, where the only thing moving were magpies, a sudden glint of white in the sky caught my attention. Flying eastwards was a great BIG patch first. A little egret, which left me with a great big silly smile on my face!
Weather :- what a difference a couple of weeks can make. Snow still on the ground, cloudy but sun trying to peek out.
Reservoir :- 2 cormorants now present and a male and female tufted ducks have arrived. Otherwise 119 black-headed gulls, 22 coots, 23 mallards and 3 mute swans.
Woods :- Amongst all the usual suspects was a male blackcap, nuthatch, male bullfinch and 3 redwings.

And thanks to Netherton colts, who has given me good directions, I finally found the dragon.

Oak leaf galls


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  1. its was my pleasure, Im glad my directions got you there to see the dragon ;)