Tuesday, 14 February 2012

13th February 2012

13th February 2012

Weather :- Overcast and dull. Snow has thawed, except for patches in Doultan Clay Pit and canal still frozen. Although reservoir has thawed. 

Again I stayed within the woods and reservoir, due to time restrictions. very quiet on the bird front in the woods, few wood pigeon and magpies, but alot busier on the reservoir. Here there were 45 black-headed gulls, 16 coots, 31 mallards and 11 moorhens. Couple of Canada geese just flying off when I arrived. Spotted 3 unknown ducks on the far side, I decided to walk round the the back path, (which was extremely muddy). Here there was a coot walking around with what looked like an injured leg and a rat running down the bank. One of the great-crested grebes were back and a cormorant was also present. Got a good view of those ducks from here - tufted ducks. Three have finally turned up. Also 2 carrion crows playing around on the frozen canal. Two of the coots starting to fight.
Three dunnocks seen by the reservoir, one attacked one of the others til he went, with loss of feathers.

Off down towards Doultan Clay Pit, revealed that the Exmoor ponies had been moved to the fields by the reservoir and spotted a redwing. Still little bird activity.

Over mouseweet brook and headed up to snake pool, usually reveals a couple of regular birds and today was no exception. Very brief views of 2 nuthatches and while waiting for a wren to pop out of a shrub, this little treecreeper actually hung around for a view photos.

Also this little poser stayed around for lots of photos.

Then time to go, just in time for it to start raining.

Birds spotted :- collared dove (1), blue tits (4), woodpigeons (8), robins (2), Magpies (5), carrion crows (2), blackbirds (4 male), chaffinch (male heard singing, but female seen), great tits (1 female, 3 male), bullfinch (female), black-headed gulls (45), goldcrest (1), dunnock (3), redwing (1), long-tailed tits (6), coal tit (1), wren (1), treecreeper (1), jay (1), nuthatch (2), cormorant (10), canada geese (2), coot (16), tufted ducks (1 female, 2 male), mallard (17 male, 14 female), moorhens (11).

Mammal's :- exmoor ponies, grey squirrel and brown rat.

Also spotted this sign of spring :-


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